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Systemic Couples therapy in English with Doris Nickel

Experience what connects you!

Systemic “High Class Couple Counseling” (HCC) is my offer to supporting you and your partner to navigate the challenges and opportunities of your relationship. Whether you are facing doubts, conflicts, or boredom, I can provide you with a safe and supportive space to explore your feelings, needs, and goals. Together, we can find new ways of communicating, connecting, and caring for each other.

The Couple Counseling in English is exclusively with Doris Nickel

  • Specialist practice for systemic couple counseling
  • Couple counseling for you as a couple, as a single partner or as single
  • neutral towards the problem, the people, and the solution

Your certified systemic couples therapist Doris Nickel

Doris Nickel

Approximately 20 years of experience – from practice for practice. We advise worldwide in:

  • face-to-face and/or online
  • german and/or englisch
  • intercultural - interdisciplinary
  • classic or
  • crisis intervention (please use the 'Kontakt-Formular')

Your certified couples therapist. Trust us!
Your contact person for all topics concerning relationships.

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My offer: Systemic “High Class Couple Counseling” (HCC)

A relationship does not follow a straight line that always moves skywards. There are sharp bends, downs and sometimes even the way back down. In many places along the way, questions arise: Does my relationship still make sense? Is it worthwhile to fight for the relationship? What can I do to make my partner sexually interested in me again? This list only gives a first impression of problems and questions that we can discuss within the systemic couple therapy in Carlsberg. Let's take a closer look at the following question:

What is a happy relationship?

Happy relationships are characterized by a balance between harmony and conflict, similarities and individual interests, emotions and factual needs. You can often see couples walking hand in hand through the streets and believe, based on this snapshot, to see a happy couple. That may be true for this moment. However, there are daily new challenges that couples face. Because they are not in a closet, but are surrounded by people who influence the relationship. Friends who take the time of others, crises within the family, children who also file their claims. Within this system, couples must manage to find their own way and not turn off at one point while the other goes straight ahead. Unfortunately, relationships often reach a point where coexistence becomes juxtaposition, in the worst case, even conflict. At this point I would like to stand by your side as a systemic couple consultant and accompany you a little along the way to find the best solution for you and the relationship.

What can you expect from the systemic couple counseling?

The experienced couple counseling is a systemic-solution-oriented couple counseling or couples therapy. As a couple consultant in the little town of Carlsberg in the Vorderpfalz, I let myself be guided by empathy and authenticity, by awareness and esteem, supporting you with methodical competence and emotional intelligence. Guilt, aversion or conflict should be resolved as part of the couples therapy so that you can regain your closeness, your sexuality and intimacy that has been lost.

Take the next step

Systemic Couple CounselingNow you have just taken the first important step. You have recognized a problem in your lives and want to solve it. We offer you support that you can continue the path you have taken powerfully and successfully. For more information read on the following pages. Inquire about our range of services.

Work abroad – love in distress
Expatriates: when physical closeness is lacking in day to day life
Many relationships live on the physical closeness, they lovingly  bestow on each other daily. Go to sleep together, wake up with each other, the goodbye kiss taking both into the new work day: all this  suddenly is missing and is missing for a longer duration when one is working abroad. 
This situation poses a major challenge for any relationship..
With the aid of the systemic couple counseling we will find a way to reshape this new segement in your life to a happy period, for both of you and the family.

Working abroad: a goodbye to many beloved habits of day to day life
The house with the neatly kept front yard, two small children playing, Dad leaving in the morning returning at night at the same time eyery day. This classic family picture gets a heavy jolt when one of the two is working abroad, leaving many cherished habits behind.

Couples‘ counseling after an escapade or an affair

It does not make any difference whether the affair has been confessed or has been discovered accidentally: the consequences are hurt feelings, loss of trust and disappointment on the side of the betrayed. Confusion and sometimes relief that the straying has been discovered on the side of the strayer. The couples’ counseling after an affair always is without fixed expectations regarding the results – be open for any results and give your love a chance.

  Escapades and Affairs – Loss of trust

Is there a rescue for the relationship? How can it go on with us now?

Give your love a chance.

One of the greatest challenges a couple will face is infidelity.

How could it happen? Am I or my partner not good enough any more? What has happened to our love? When an affair comes out or has been confessed both experience hefty emotions and lots of questions arise. Loss of trust most likely is  the most serious problem coming up between the partners. Is it possible to resume the relationship and be a loving couple (again)?

In our therapy sessions we thoroughly explore the individual couple’s possibilities. 
Let us say only this much for now: Your love does have a chance!I

Rescue your relationship after an affair with the help of the modern Systemic Couples Counseling.

After an affair the relationship often is in some sort of abeyance. What will happen with us as a couple?  And very practical issues such as living conditions or children. To sit and wait how the situation will develop or what will happen next is not a good option. It is important to act swiftly and to address the acute situation and explore the causes of the affair or escapade and making a decision for – or eventually against – the continuation of the relationship. 

As systemic couples’ therapists we do not judge your relationship in any way or judge or condemn anyone. Our practice serves as an unbiased and safe space where you can openly express your thoughts, your feelings and concerns after an affair. We will not tell you what to do or not to do, instead we will base the sessions on our expertise, our qualifications and of course our very own life experiences, setting the framework for constructive discussions and exchanges of views – which will often generate a new outlook on the vis-à-vis.

  Individual Counseling in Questions of Love and Relationship

Frequently it comes from one of the partners to take that important step seeking counseling. In this case individual counseling can accompany you as one part of the relationship along your path to become more content and make difficult decisions in your life. The systemic individual counseling can be crucial and sensible when one of the partners has left the relationship and the other perseveres in the crunch, or wants to regain the partner or is seeking for a new focus in life.

People searching desperately for a companion or have the feeling to always end up with the wrong persons are equally welcome in our systemic counseling practice.

An individual counseling can be called for and can be essential regarding the following topics:

- search for companion

- separating and detaching from a companion (also in case of death)

- seeking a new focus in life during relationship crisis

- attachment disorders and commitment phobia

- lack of future prospects

  Become a happy couple again:

  • Explore the causes for the affair, without questions of guilt or accusations
  • Unbiased and impartial counseling sessions
  • Develop strategies to deal with the current feelings such as grief, anger and disappointment 
  • Search for possible new behavior in the relationship to regain trust again
  • Decision: do we have a future as a couple?
  • Obtain a quick first session: after about 2-3 days

For a quick first session please complete the contact form below and indicate the dates best suitable for you. Usually we will meet for a first session within 2-3 days.

Is it possible to get an appointment for couples’ therapy within a short time? 
You are in an acute relationship crisis and worry about your relationship?

  Individual Counseling for Heartaches and Loss

Crises in life arrive sudden (death of a loved one or another serious incident) or develop slowly over time. Sometimes life plans fail or sometimes one has lost a close person through unresolved conflict. For many of us it is difficult even as adults to detach ourselves from our parents and want neutral assistance in this process.

  • cope with personal crisis
  • find new life plans
  • master traumatic experiences
  • detach from childhood home

We very deliberately have combined these two topics of headaches and loss, because the emotions when a loved one leaves can be the same in case of death or leaving because of other reasons. During the counseling sessions such emotions as rage, despair and powerlessness receive specific attention, they are welcome, and are permitted to be felt and thus be overcome.

The goal of counseling is to find an answer to the question: what comes next?

Usually we can make time for you within 2–3 days for a first session – after all your crisis is now! 
A first session sometime in the future are not really helpful.
It is possible to schedule dates in the evenings and on Saturdays without surcharge.

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Die moderne systemische Paarberatung, Eheberatung, Paartherapie und Paarcoaching kann Ihnen helfen, Ihre Beziehung zu stärken und Ihre Werte in der Partnerschaft zu schaffen.

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Wir freuen uns auf Sie

Ihr zertifizierter systemischer Paartherapeut:in,
Bernd Nickel und Doris Nickel

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